Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A cruising device

Never much liked engine powered boats. That's not a big surprise. Also, I never really gave a lot of thought to engine powered canoes. That changed yesterday, when Manul sent me a three seater electrical canoe:
Electrical canoe
My first thought was - ehm - not worth repeating here. However, I did spend some RL time canoing the local streams, arms falling off after hours of upstream paddling. Canoing can be nice. I also saw a canoe with an electrical outboard engine.
The engine
It was - ofcourse - operated by a (rather cute) guy. I smiled intensely as he passed by, but he didn't offer me a ride. We met later that same day. Hehe. He was out to take his wife, kid and mother in law for a picnic on the lake.
Humming about
Anyway, I gave the canoe a shot, and it is super nice. Very relaxing with a nice canoing sound. There's only a quiet hum from the engine. It is stable and straight forward to sail. Good for cuising and exploring while chatting and having a sandwich; Huge battery under the seat, and it virtually never weares out.
The camping canoe
But wait... there's more...It comes with a tent. Not a big one, but you can just about squeeze two people in there. I suppose after one night like that there are two options. Either you're in love, or you'll never see each other again...
Lights out
Here's me totally relaxed in the tiny tent. Strangely, there is no light. Would be nice with a cozy little light in there. After all the battery is huge. I'd like to see a solar charger add on. Just in case. Would make it a totally ecological vessel.
Nice one
So, it is a sweet little thingie. Very nicely made. Lotsa good details. Quiet, easy to sail and with a sleep over option. Add to that no maintenance and six plus knots. Not sure how long the battery will last at that speed though. Which reminds me: There's no emergency paddle on board, so I hope there's enough power to make it home from here. All I need now is a river in a jungle and a lake with an island. And maybe Manul in the drivers seat...


  1. :) Hey Noodles, I will watch out for you on the weekend and see that I can invite you to a river trip in Sansara ;)


  2. Canoeing is fun. I liked to canoe when I was young. But that was before I discovered Sailboats! Give me a sail and a rudder, and I am a happy man. Give me a canoe, and I'll find a way to rig it for sailing. I am not alone in my sentiment: a friend of mine is putting a rig on his kayac. I'll post updates when I catch up with him.


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