Saturday, June 30, 2012

Coconut Island

So someone emailed me about islands in the virtual world. Probably because of my last post with palms and stuff. There's a few really nice ones, and I probably don't know them all. This shot here is one of my favourites. I took those beachy images here. There is also a great hammock hanging from a palm over the ocean...
Coconut Island
What do you think? Pretty huh! Sadly, waters aren't always sailable in this virtual world. Some places allow boats. Some do not. Too bad. Mooring here in my RM20 would be sooooo nice. Of course I'd have a windsurfer lying on deck. I wonder if the RM20 has room for scuba gear...

By the way, - this could have been the island I gazed at in this post here, but it is not. This one is way more remote...

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