Thursday, June 7, 2012

In a great big way

Spent some time exploring. Saw a few new and beautiful places. Then I got stuck sitting here thinking... In a great big way, we should probably all spend more time just sitting, thinking, in a place like this.
Clear your mind I
Perhaps non-thinking would be even better. Just hearing the surf and the gulls, watching the ocean, clearing the mind. Perhaps also clearing a cool Corona... Then Craig popped up.
Clear your mind II
We sailed around in his boat, passed a few more pretty places and all of a sudden, I got that thought again. It is important to spend time like this. No plans, no stress, no target to make. Just being somewhere, going with the flow. I rushed to check the RL weatherforecast. Not too good right now, but I'll be ready.


  1. You are just so right...

    But really , I would enjoy it if it would have been a bit warmer. Let´s wait for next week. And than, being somewhere, going with the flow.

  2. Right said Fred; That's where virtual sailing comes in... when the real weather is too bad, the sun always shines on the other side of the looking glass.


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