Friday, December 14, 2012

Nacra 17, Olympic Class

Today is Nacra 17 day. Woohoo. There's a virtual Nacra 17 out. Not only is it an Olympic class,  it's also a  absolute beauty, very true to the original and, - it's a total blast to sail. Here it is, me in trapeze, Dutch Kain, the builder, at the stick:
Nacra 17: Perfect for sunset sailing
I've been waiting for this for some time now, and I am so happy it is finally here. It's not that I am a total cat-nutter, but this cat here, - it's truly gorgeous. Besides, under certain conditions cats can be fun to sail. Perhaps it is just too cold for cats where I live my real life. Dunno. In any case, diversity is good.
A cat for dog-lovers
This cat here would make any dog-lover convert. In fact, I'm pretty sure it will make most singlehull sailors go: "Wauw, I simply gotta try that". The best thing though, unlike certain other cats, this one is affordable and sailable for ordinary people with a normal biceps and budget.
Cat sailing is bikini sailing
It comes fully equipped with main, jib and genakker, bow spirit, curved daggerboards, trapez gear and what nuts cat stuff; It is dead-easy to sail and fast: Action guaranteed! Whether it is dead easy to sail optimally is another story; When we get the virtual Nacra 17 racing class going, we will see about that.
While we're almost sailing naked, the Nacra 17 has lotsa clothes to put on. So let's see her wearing that big evening dress aka the genakker; Boom! She takes off like a rocket. This is not really an evening dress... if anything it's more of an outfit for speed-dating, hehe. Perhaps the colour could be a little more on the naughty side. Why not smashing pink? These days white sails are mostly for classic beauties, right?
The boat is built with love and great attention to details. There are a few missing things, though. It's the usual suspects: The Windvane, the compass and the telltails. However, the information is available on a hud. Problem solved, - though I don't line sailing by numbers. There is also a refreshingly easy to understand hud for moving, trimming and hoisting sails.
Details, details details
The picture right above here shows the details of the trapez-lines. On the other side of the sail it appears as if the trapez is hooked right onto my bikini top, and it is. That might just be the sailing gear of the future! I've always thought those trapeze harnesses looked silly. I hereby claim copyright on the kevlar enforced bikini top with built in trapeze hook. I call it: The Brateze (c).
Mouselook sailing
Here's a shot of what I see from the trapez. That's why mouselook sailing is important. It makes you feel like you're onboard a real boat. You can look in any direction by moving the mouse. Just as you would in RL. Continuously check to windward for shifts and waves, then check the telltails, the windvane and the compass. 1, 2, 3, 4. That's the easiest recipy for winning. Four simple repeated steps.
Topless sailing requires tropical conditions
Oh, and check your trapeze hook too. It's very important. On the image above, Dutch just unwillingly "left" the boat. Just to annoy him I dropped my top and sailed on. Left him swimming the blue soup for a few minutes before I returned, top back on, to pick him up, teehee. 
A bit of relaxing...
Well, that's about it for todays episode of "Unexpected Fun With Cats". If you're a cat-person, then do check my adventure with the Hepcat. I'd better talk to Dutch about setting up a line of gadgets and accessories for this baby, including my brand new invention, the combined Bra and Trapeze, the Brateze (c). I kinda like that word, hehe.
Brateze (c): Using the bikini top as the trapeze harness
I'll be back with details on the sailing characteristics, if I can find the time. Very briefly: The Nacra 17 has a derived BWind sailing engine of sorts. It is great fun to sail, while it still lacks telltales, vane, currents, waves and shifts; Right now my compass points towards tree, gifts, cleaning, food, Christmas cards. Phew. Busy times ahead. Have a great weekend all you cat-people...

See the real Nacra 17 here.

Update: Jane's posted a few details on the sailing characteristics.


  1. That's a hot cat allright. I usually consider myself a dog-person, but this really looks nice. BWind? Does that mean no waves, current and other lovely WWC Stuff?
    Sea ya sometime inworldzzz,

    1. Ahoy Net :-)
      Sadly, the Nacra has no WWC support, so no waves, no current, no shadowing, no windbend or any other WWC stuff. Still, it is great fun to sail.

    2. So it's a toy. All looks and no brains...

    3. Hey Net,
      Isn't that what most guys would call fun, but perhaps not in the long run?

  2. Bah, a good build anyway. It is promoted by Metaverse blog, so it will be a commercial success. Kain Xenobuilder may be happy, he got the right supporters. No doubt some Rds will host weekly races, maybe a cup. Dozens of thousands of USD for Kain. Enough for him to thank his supporters. And the winners are.... and the loosers are....

    1. What's that about winners and loosers? I suppose it is ok for Dutch to make a few measly Lindens for his work? Even if it is a toy...

    2. Bingo. Good marketers at work

    3. No problem with Dutch making money with his work. This is 100% normal and good. I'll tell you more later on, about what is just "shocking" here. Nothing new btw.

  3. Thanks for the thoughtful post, Noodle! It's great to see RL boats in SL always. Even if I'm not a cat-nutter, I should try test this soon... :)

    1. Hey Timo,
      Today the 21st is the perfect day to test the Nacra. Check the poster on slboatporn for details, - or my latest post :-D


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