Sunday, July 1, 2012

Destination Paradise III

Bow pointing southwards, kite up, and we flew southwards. The wind increased a littlebit, so Marin moved to my side, and we made 9.5 knots. The Norse Archipelago in the rear mirror; Open waters ahead.
Speeding southwards
After a while we finally saw some palms again. Had to change course to avoid them, but we didn't mind. Palms Yeah! Course was more southly now; Wind almost in the back; Increased a bit, so Marin considered the trapez again. The view was beautiful.
Palms... Yeah!
This area reminds me of where I sailed for the first time. I can never be sure, because back then I was both a total newbie and utterly clueless. Didn't know where I was. Didn't know what I was doing. Didn't know a thing about virtual sailing. I am glad to say that it's getting better. At least now, I am not that much of a newbie.
The essence of sailing
I love this shot. It captures the very essence of sailing. There is a beautiful view ahead, you see two people having a blast, and you can almost feel the dynamics of the boat. Slightly heeled over, a little water in the leeward side of the boat, wind in the hair, and Marin out there... striving to keep the boat upright. All we need is a little more seaspray...
More seaspray
Got that right here. Seaspray. Turned out we couldn't get further south, so we checked the map and luffed a bit to go east again. The scenery was spectacular. A total mood setter. Palms and sandy beaches everywhere we looked. Lovely blue sky and flat inshore waters...
All this sailing made us hungry. Any sailor knows that even if you eat more at sea, you tend to loose weight, because the body is constantly moving, working to keep the balance of yourself and the boat. Ehm, - this might be a little different for virtual sailing. Anyway, we shared two virtual Oranginas and a pack of bisquets, and then we decided to push it to the max, and see what's in the farthest end of this remote area.

We expected to find nothing less than Coconut Island...

To bee continued...
(Continued from Destination Paradise II)

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