Thursday, May 24, 2012

I like flowers

It's probably no surprise: Girls like flowers! Virtual flowers are good too. True, they aren't excactly the real thing, and they do share a problem with virtual marinas and virtual oceans. There's no scent. However, they sure look nice, and since I promised a few shots of flowers here they are...
Lotsa flowers
That automatic watering system is hidden somewhere in the grass. I saw it work. In fact I was within range once, when it started. At first I didn't really understand what was going on. Rain on a perfectly sunny day? I guess I won the wet t-shirt contest, - being the only one around.
More flowers
Here's a closer viev. You can barely see a hidden path leading out through those tall orangy flowers to a secluded sandy beach. Want more flowers?
Flowers with a view
Flowers, beach, ocean view... in the distance there is a parasol. Someone is probably sitting there sipping a cool corona or someting. Hey! A strawberry margarita maybe. But right now it is about flowers. Close eyes, take deep breath and feel the scent of a million flowers with the ocean waves roaring the back...
More flowers with a view
Oh yes, I like this place. It has it all. Flowers, birds, butterflies, palms, sandy beach and soo much piece and quiet. All that's missing is a tiny pier for me and my boat; This is what virtual sailing is also about. Mooring and exploring. Finding these secret spots around the Blake Sea and the North Sea. Slowly cruising around under a heavy sun.

PS: That beach just might look kinda like this...

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