Saturday, May 5, 2012

Boat builders show

There is a boat builder show at Tradewinds. That means all kinds of boats are moored there. It's the perfect activity for a weekend, so get your docksides on and get going... This is the view from the boatshed:
The view from the boatshed
There's quite a few boats to check out, and I'd expect to see even more next week, once builders learn there is a boat builder show. Here's another shot:
Lotsa interesting projects
Here's a shot from the "back-side"...
The "back-side" view
And finally... an overview:
Woohoo, a houseboat
Note the liveaboard, which I will definately need to check out. These are a rare species in SL, but I have seen another one. Check it out here. If you're a boatshow nut, then click here for more boatshows or even show with boats that fly.

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