Friday, May 18, 2012

Another Destroyer

It's been a peacefull while since last time I spotted a warship off the Tradewinds coast. Yesterday it happened again.
Another destroyer
Lotsa details, so even though I really don't like these grey shadows, I must admit they're well made.
Quiz time
This one is kinda different from the other destroyer. They are flying the same colours, and they are patroling the same virtual waters, but something isn't quite right. There are a few significant differences between the two...
Helicopter perspective
Of course I didn't know it, but I clicked the thing and learned... hehe. So anyone dare to guess? Hints? Time, place, usage??

American flag, Japanese destroyer!! (WWI hence the small size)


  1. Latest ship for SLCG?

  2. Not even close, so no cigar...

  3. it's too small for a destroyer, looks more like a mine searcher, patrol boat or so.

  4. I think it said WWI Japanese Destroyer... maybe that's it. Dunno.


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