Monday, August 13, 2012

Sailing is sailing

Hehe... some people seem to think that virtual sailing is special, and therefore special rules must be applied. In a few very, very (very) special ways that might be true. Just check this post about virtual sailing anomalies. Right. Weird. Very weird in fact. So here's a shot of a real world live "sim border crossing" gone bad:
Crazy spinnaker stunt / forward 360
Wooohooooo... Swimming isn't just for dinghy sailors. Keelers can have their fun with water too. Surfing in a 14 footer is a fantastic feeling. Surfing in a 40 footer is simply amazing. The powers in play, when the boat lifts out of the water and takes off... phew! Surfing in an overpowered keeler is huge fun. Broaching is great fun too, but the look of face of the owner is simply priceless. Words cannot described it. It is somewhat like a fast forward loop through fear, disbelief, despair and awe. Back on topic.. Sailing is sailing!



  1. Ohh, I wonder, how did they survive from the "diving"... Also catamarans can be tricky in strong wind.

  2. Let's hope someone had the bright idea of letting the windward spin-sheet go; Then maybe a forward 360 was avoided :-D

    1. Cartwheels! What fun! (well not really) No that I'm interested in either, but I think I'd prefer that to a turtled boat.


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