Tuesday, May 29, 2012

VO70 Action

Oh Yeah... I talked to Dutch again, and we played a little with those VO70 boats. I already wrote a bit about them. These things really begin to look amazing, and they're gonna be absolutely fantastic, once they're completed.
Imagine a fleet of these sexy monster boats racing, - say... from Tradewinds Yacht Club in Dex down the narrow straight west of Wicktro round the Fastnet Rock in the Blake Sea and then back again to a huge party?
RCs en miniature?
Never mind the party. Just imagine ten of these virtual VO70s hoisting the Gen, and then they start planing past Wicktro so fast they barely notice it. Dunno bout you, but I wanna be there, when that happens. It's gonna take a little while though. 
Crazy things
If you look closely, there is no-one on board, so what's actually happening here? Currently, these boats might as well be RC boats. Yes, we do have virtual radio controlled boats; Seems a bit crazy to me, but hey...  
Pretty sure TYC rounds first here
To tell the truth, a VO70 is a crazy machine too. As are those AC cats. Crazy. I mean, the AC45s are crazy enough. Elite sailors wearing helmets! What will be next? Seatbelts and airbags?? I am not sure words exist to describe the larger ones, and... will they require spacesuits or american football outfits? 
Close up
I guess the VO70 is a more normal boat for more normal sailors, as helmets aren't required. I might wanna wear gloves and put on some kind of knee protection. But that's about it. After all Volvo is known first and foremost for safety "on board". Oh, one more thing for protection...
This looks intense
Sun screen! Going round the world isn't always a ride on the sunny side. Somehow, I got a feeling that racing a virtual VO70 will be a very sunny experience. Bikini's will be allowed; Perhaps even required. Let's see if the cameras prefer scared little boyz in helmets or little girls in bikinis, teehee...
Santa baby...
There are loads of virtual boats available, and many of them are very nicely made. Some even sail pretty well, but right now... Santa please... I want one of these for Xmas, and can we please make Xmas happen a little earlier this year? I promise I will be nice and not yell "Starboard Bow" at beginner sailors. At least for a year. As usual these images deserve full screen viewing.

Want more? Here's a few shots of a VO70 and me.


  1. The VO70 is a wonderful boat indeed. Great to see them in SL. (it is a "box-rule" class btw, and I'd like to see box-rule class in SL also...)
    And events like the Volvo Ocean Race is certainly the best of offshore racing, with the Vendée Globe.
    Too bad the American public has totally shunned the last stopover in Miami of the VOR.
    But no Coca Cola nor Nike nor Oracle nor RedBull are involved there.
    A possible scoop: decision pending, to be confirmed in June, but the next VOR will probably be raced with a new one-design class, probably a Farr design. Exit the VO70 then :(

  2. I was from the begginning catch up
    by ACJ and VOJ designs, well,
    for all WildWinds production boats.
    ACJ2, JMO60 and VOJ70 in special
    raise a high end level finest sailboats.
    Sad Corry left all of us…
    Attached & Sculpties dead,
    Long Life Mesh Yachts!


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