Monday, May 14, 2012

A giant cat

Been wandering around Tradewinds Boatbuilder Show to see if there's any new stuff around. Yesterday I found this giant cat. Luckily it has no teeth, so I dared to get a few closeups. I've seen it before somewhere... dunno if it was in RL or in SL.
A giant cat
It could be a live aboard. Clearly it is big enough, but it appears to be more of a party boat. The bar seems to have been very important to the builder. Here's a shot from the inside.
Tequila anyone?
This next shot might give a better impression of how the bar is sorta in the center of the living room, - ehm... living deck...
I am sure the bar has just about everything
Lotsa space on the outside too. Sundecks and tanning spots everywhere, but I wonder... would it hold together in a North Sea storm? Probably not... It looks a little too transparent and glasslike, right?
Lotsa tanning spots
But who cares about the North Sea? This is clearly built for Mallorca or even Ibiza. All we need is power, an amp and a couple of huge speakers. Party hard... Tequila works wonders on hangovers, right?
Which button?
So, what button do I push to start the disco? I'd expect giant speakers to emerge from hidden compartments in the hull and ofcourse a mixing device up here in the "captains corner".
Giant means huge
Ok, just one more shot, - to give you an impression of the size of that cat, and then that's it for now.

Here's a more dangerous cat, and if you're a cat person, - here's a fun cat...

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