Thursday, March 8, 2012

I protest !!

The ice is gone. Last week we had over (plus) 12 degrees Celcius. Clear blue sky, birds began to sing, and I felt that strong urge to get out there. For real.
I protest !!
Today, I woke up to a snow covered landscape. I was like: WTF? What's happening? Gimme back my spring! I protest !! 

Please Mr. Weatherman, - no more ice. Give us spring. Give us flowers. Give us strawberries.
Seconds before I crash in a puff
Give us blue skies and water with bearable temperatures. No more winter. Give us a sailing season. Give us this...
Let's go for a swim
... and more of it...

PS: Copenhagen waters are now at -2 degrees Celcius. Brrrr.


  1. Liked your Seanemagraphics! I see why you prefer your winters to be only virtual!

  2. Thanx Doc. I'd like to do a few more of those.
    BTW: I tried a few dedicated sail simulators, but SL is fun because it is a sail sim plus so much more.


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