Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Q2m feel-good race

This is just a feel good post about the beautiful Virtual 2m from Qyv, aka the Q-2m. Not only is it cute, - it sails so great you simply gotta love both the boat and the virtual sailing.
A little prestart trimming
So here we are, "noodling" around in the hectic prestart, trying to figure optimum trim for this weather. It's Victor Cruiser at the helm. We really met to talk about the Dragon. Then this race was announced, and we rushed off to get the Q2m ready. We made it but...
Need better timing
Our timing wasn't very good. We started like a minute after the gun. Victor has no Speedpuck or other timing device in his boat, and he didn't ask me to time the start. Me, I didn't think of it. I am used to the Flying Fizz, which has that built-in timer. I looked through my fizzy-posts, and I realize I never really photographed that instrument in the Flying Fizz... The best shot is probably the current top image or this seanemagraph.
Despite the fact that the Q-2m has no compass, vane or telltales, it is a fun racer. It supports most of the WWC features, so there is also a nice degree of realism. The racing feeling is definately there. Just take a look at the picture above.
Definately racing
Here's another shot.Oh yes, - we're definately racing. Victor and me, we're last... small boat kinda like in the middle of the picture. However, - we were given a chance to catch up. This next shot shows the second boat rounding the top mark. The first boat is sailing off in the sunshine...
Second boat rounding
See what's gonna happen? We're the boat to the right, - way behind. Before us we have four boats in a close race approach... Hehe, - opportunity of a life time. This next shot is the perfect reason why it is great to crew. There's so much more time to take pictures, when you're not steering.
Sadly, - there was only little chaos and little shouting, Duh... these racers need to get their pulse up. That would give us in the back a chance to come forward, hehe.
Samlara rounding
We didn't pass anyone. So, - here's a shot of Samlara rounding the next mark. I love the customizations she did to her boat and sails. Looks like she is sheeting out a bit early. Maybe she wants to make sure it's a close rounding.  Dunno.
On to the finish or...
Here we are on approach to the finish line. We almost made it, but 50 meters before the line Victor crashed. The boat sailed on, but I was unable to grab the helm and correct the course, and we missed the line by 10 meters or so... Maybe - in the next version of the Q-2m - the crew can take over when the skipper crashes? That would be a very useful feature, but then there is rule 47.2... In any case, the Q2m is such a nice little boat. It's gonna be hard to beat.

Here's more on the Virtual 2m.


  1. Cool race and description, Noodle! I agree with you, that Q2m is beautiful... currently my favorite BWind-based boat.

    1. Yeah, the Q2m is good. The little Q2.4mR is also very nice. Not much different from the 2m, but... the Q2.4m is better suited for Qyvs current technology, - with no balance. If you check Orca's blog, You'll see Qyvs next project, a Virtual Melges 24. Reportedly, Qyv is putting in crewed balancing...

  2. Noodles what a wonderful Blog.
    You asked me why I sheeted early??
    I dunno...I just tap my keys frantically and HOPE:)))))
    Actually I guess the wind angle after a tack and try to trim to that angle in advance...
    I usually screw it up:(( Do you have a better way cause now its in print I need it:)))))


    1. Thanx Samlara. Yes, there are better ways; They involve not sailing by numbers, and that's a perfect subject for a blog post. Hoping and guessing are for casinoes and lotteries, - not for sailboat racing.

    2. In that same vein, pratice sailing by feel in the Shelly. It has a wonderful vane on the baw the indiates wind. It also has telltales on the sails. Do it in Mouse view, for more ealism. Sailing is a skill and an art.

    3. Yeah! That little red vane should be on all boats. Especially virtual boats, where the wind can't be seen or felt.


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