Friday, May 4, 2012

Moored and explored III

Just a few more shots from the Island due south of Tradewinds YC. Last time I was standing under a pine with the northern lighthouse in the back. From that point I took the following shot looking westwards...
Houses for rent
Yup. Residences at the picture perfect ocean front. There is  a terrace with a fantastic view of the sunset over the strait of Eliades. Moving further south there is a wineyard terrace at the center of the island...
Wineyard terrace
It is very nicely made with lots of tiny streams and gurgling fountains. The view isn't too bad either. Here's a look to the east:
Looking east from the wineyard terrace
The whole wineyard terrace is surrounded by wines. Sadly you can't pick one and taste it, but it looks tasty. Note the european union flag... above and below.
Then there's the house where I moored in the first post. Who wouldn't wanna live there? It's a dream house.
Dream house
Further south there's more oranges and pines. The ground is covered with flowers. This next shot reminds me of a certain place in Sweden called Kullen. Well, except for the oranges ofcourse.
Kinda like a certain spot in Sweden 
I could go on and on... there are so many fantastic spots. This next shot is the last I will show you.
At the south end there are all sorts of activities going on. Hot air balloon trips are offered. There's houses, and there is the Schiffsratten YC, a very active YC. They have a lot of races and also racing classes. You know, - rules and tactics and stuff.
Schiffsratten YC club house ahead
All in all it is not a big island, but there are plenty of sights to see, people to meet, and waters to sail, so these three posts here - Moored and explored 1, 2 & 3 - they are only a teaser. Go there and have a look for yourself. Or rather... sail there and moor at the Schiffsratten YC. It's a genuine marina with keen and experienced sailors.

Yes, SL is a sailing simulation, but there is so much more...


  1. Ahh, you finally did justice to that lovely island! After this wonderful write-up, I'm am left wondering, which is prettier, the island, or the lovely redhead in all the pictures ;P

  2. Well not really. The pictures are lovely; the island is lovely, but there really is no comparison to the fun-loving redhead. Keep posting!

  3. Looks amazing, but got me wondering about the rules about SL: can properties be exclusive or can everyone see everyone's?

    1. JP,
      In SL there are 2 ways to exclude people (avatars) from entering private property.
      1. use ban lines (gererally unpopular, esepecially among the sailing community)
      2. use scripts on doors that respond only to the owner.
      Neither are perfect, neither, for example, will prevent a camera from entering, so people may still snoop, even if their avatar can't enter. In general, the community is respectful and there are few problems.

    2. I suppose you could buy an entire sim and make it not connect to any other sim. That way you can enjoy complete privacy. That's expensive, so Jim is spot on.


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