Saturday, May 19, 2012

Virtual VO70

I've been looking for it, and now it is here. The virtual VO70. Not much to say but whoa, I look so tiny from up there.
Taking a nap
Talk about a tall ship. I mean Cutty Sark go home. This is the real deal in 2012. Even the birds can't fly that high...
The nap view
It's tall, it's wide, it's speedy, it's modern and it has all the gizmoes of a modern racer including a canting keel. Just look at those sails. So big. Next shot is me thinking about concrete and lead and stuff. Trying to be heavy.
Me being heavy
Ok, I am done being heavy. Now I am thinking Titanic, hehe. Sadly, Leonardo didn't pop up, and I even tried my absolute best to look pale and blondish.
Perhaps I wasn't dressed for the occasion, I dunno. What I was dressed for was this: Heavy duty trimming.
Trimming the thing
Only did 8.5 knots in a light summer breeze, but hey... then it is easier to look cool on the fore deck.
Need a little less sheet on that gennaker
This shot here is not a quiz. Is is most definately me on a VO70 somewhere around Tradewinds YC.
Trying to look cool
And we're back. Moored at Tradewinds YC. Lotsa fancy boats around here. This one is my favourite of the day. It's most certainly a WOAH-70. Here's a bit more about it.

PS: Few boats can compete with the VO70 on level of details. ReneMarine's mesh schouw is probably  one of the few that can. Motor Loons Oceanic is another one.


  1. Nice trick... she didn't move an inch did she? (ok you did, but not the boat)

    These boats are incredibly fast. On the last leg of the Volvo Ocean Race (, Puma set the 24 hour distance record with 511 miles. That's over 18 knots averaged over the 24 hour period! You'd sware they kicked on a motor, but it was just wind and sails!

    Did you catch the in-port in Miami, earlier today? What a way to shake thinkgs up! They'll be hoping across the pond starting tomorrow, don't miss the action!

    I can't wait to see what these will do in SL!

  2. Jim, an inch is just about how much she moves, when I move myself from side to side. Didn't cath the inport thingy, but I can probably find it on youtube. 18 knots average over the pond? Don't fall over board at night...

    1. You can catch the videos of all the in-port races, and other fun stuff at
      2011-2012 Miami in-port race:

      my favorite VO07 video to date (2008-2009):


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