Thursday, October 11, 2012

New rules highlights

Those new RRS 2013-16 are well underway, and since there's a few changes I thought I'd read them. If you don't have them yet, then get them from
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First quick flip through reveals few changes. All is good; We're in the comfort zone. Oh wait, - section D seems to have been rewritten. Not that I do a lot of team racing, so who cares. No really, - it is a fun discipline. Maybe we should take it up. Virtual teamracing. Whoopsidaisy and the Linden Labs have their gaming platform. Teehee...
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Back to more important stuff; It begins with changes in definitions. The definition of "finish", "keep clear" and "mark-room" has been changed. Then on to what matters in part two: "When boats meet".
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Rule 14: Avoiding contact is different. Rule 18: Mark room has changed too. Rule 20: Room to tack at an obstruction has changed, - as has rule 21: Exoneration. In part three, rule 28: Sailing the course is also changed, and rule 44: Taking a penalty has also been improved, and that's about it for the racing rules.
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There's a couple of weird things added about not littering the sea. Sportsmanship now includes the notion of reducing environmental impact to a minimum. Rule 55 says "A competitor shall not intentionally put trash in the water". Isn't this a bit silly and unrelated to racing? Next they'll add rule 56: Sailors must wear sunscreen, especially red heads, because they're more susceptible to sunburn. Duh.
the RRS 2013-16 much easier to digest.
Later in the book, there's changes to rule 61: Protest requirements, rule 64: Decisions and rule 69: Allegations of gross misconduct. Then there's alotta stuff for windsurfers and kiteboards, until we finally reach some of the last changes, - and they are related to appeals.

That pretty much covers it. Go read, preferably in a nice place like this small italian island or your favourite armchair. See you out there...

More on racing rules here...


  1. Maybe you suggest it to Tillerman as his summer read? He seems in a good place for just such an activity

    1. True, - and last friday the wind was zero. I know there's quite a few pittoresque spots on the Balearic Islands.


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