Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What's your style

So much to see around Tradewinds these days. I am not much into powerboats, but hey... gotta try something new from time to time...
Classic I
So here's Charlotte... A little too small to be a true liveaboard, but big enough for a weekend cruise or perhaps a few days more. There is a nice bedroom in the forepeak... Lamps, clocks, books and drawers.
Classic II
Very classy if you ask me, but let's have a look at something entirely different. Something bigger.  Something more modern... Meet the Hurricane 200...
Modern I
It starts with a well equipped bar and dining area. The woodwork looks great, though it is a bit too dark for my taste. Kinda like those mass produced Irish Pubs that pop up everywhere. Don't get me wrong. They're nice, but they all look the same.
Modern II
Besides, that irish beer is also a bit on the dark side, right? I'd much rather have a Hefe Weissbier with a flowery taste of summer and light winds. In any case, this one I could live on for a few weeks... Besides these dining and living quarters, there's another area with a fireplace and lounging plus a huge bedlike arrangement. Bathroom in the middle through the door...
Speedy I
And then we have these guys. Huge engine, claustrophobic cockpit, no fireplace or bathroom and absolutely no bar either. Drinking and driving is a bad cocktail - even at sea.
Speedy II
See? Totally claustrophobic! There isn't even a cupholder. Too bad it is locked. I would have like to just hear it power up and slurp like a gallon of petrol just warming up. And then shut it down again, hehe... 

So what's your style? Classic, modern or speedy? Or is it crazy, sexy or cool?

Here's a bit more about powerboats at Tradewinds...


  1. A Hefe Weizen? Noodle, shame on you! LOL
    That Bavarian crap isn't for sailors, it isn't even politically correct ... it's made by the mountain folk of the German alps, and we hate those people, don't we? They are the German equivalent of Texans :(
    Oh, style ... hm ... as long as it is a classic with fine old curves and splendid woodwork I'm cool with it. Doesn't matter much if it's an open daycruiser or a liveaboard.

    1. What's wrong with Bavarians? Aren't they known for their can-do attitude? They make cars, no? OMG, - do they make boats too? Bavaria boats? Better wash that down with a Hoegaarden :-D

  2. They have a can-do attitude, yes. Isn't it one ogf the mess adorable attitudes? They have a strong economy and are the richest state in Germany. BUT they have a very radical capitalist rightwing gov'ment and a strong southern accent and very small horizons. No wonder if you can't look far with all those awful mountains around.
    Didn't you say Bavarias are the worstest yachts? That's true. They are fat, slow, expensive, luxurious; they are the material equivalent to the Bavarians :)

  3. If I want to hear engines, I can go to the speedway for that. I'd rather a sail and a star to stear her by. Give me the breeze off the back, and the sound of water.

  4. You asked about our style... Who cares of power boats? For me LeetleCat II is the nicest boat, I have found in SL. It's small, beautiful and challenging. That's it. :)

  5. Justin Blade16 May, 2012 13:52

    I occasionally hop in a power boat to either rip across the sea at speed or do some slow cruising along the shore to enjoy the variety of landscaping and homes in SL. When I do it's usually one of Anu's boats, most often the classic Capri.

  6. Yay! A light breeze and a Leetle Cat II is the way to go. A truely classy stinkpotter might do too. Once in a while...


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