Friday, May 11, 2012

What's in a Windex?

I always thought a Windex was a plastic wind indicator at the top of the mast, guaranteed to break once a year when you set the mast. It still is, and we still miss it on so many virtual boats. I will get back to that in another post.

However, - googling for a windex I just learned two new things. The first one is really not that interesting. It seems Windex is the name of some sort of glass cleaning liquid. Hmm. Booring...
The second thing is way more interesting. Apparently, Windex is a drink! Now, I seriously doubt that it is able to compete with my favourite drink, but I will be looking for it next time I hit a bar...
So what's in a Windex? It seems everybody agrees on lots of ice and Vodka. Then add some orangy stuff like Cointreau or lime juice. Add Blue Curacao to get the right colour, - et voila... You can now drink your own Windex!!

There is another drink called Between The Sheets. Landlubbers incorrectly assume those are bed sheets, but sailors know better. I'd expect bartenders to develop a whole new line of drinks with catchy names such as Mega Capsize, On Layline and The Kicker... I am sure there's loads of sailing terms suited for drink names...


  1. How about a "Tight Breast Line", - perhaps with an extra dash of Tabasco?
    - Netrom C.

    1. Hehe, Net... I had to look that up. Very good. I suppose "Sex On The Beach" would be next or sum ding... Or perhaps a Bailer ;-)

  2. True; The RM8 is pretty and she sails very well. Too bad the spreaders look so awkward. Kinda like a kite.


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