Saturday, May 12, 2012

A few new boats

The Tradewinds Boat Builders Show is still running. More and more boats appear by the day. Here's a few shots - just to give u an impression of it.
Boats everywhere
Above you see Motor Loons latest... It's the fat one in the center. Amazing what they can stuff into a 30-footer these days. The Ktaba to the left is almost the same length, but it looks so petite... Talk about classic beauty.
Closer look
Here's a closer look at the Motor Loon boat. It's way too wide for my taste, but the interior, - oh the interior. This boat has everything plus lots of sailorish details. There's one exception though. The flag, - Dannebrog, it's supposed to be a split flag on a boat. Anyway, I'd better do a full review sometime.
A new kid on the blog, ehh - block? 
This little red thingy is also new to me. It was trying to enchante me with very boatly sounds, and it succeeded. Interesting. Very interesting. It's strange how so many virtual boats have only rudimentary sounds. Walking a marina is a fantastic soundscape as everyboat has its own mooring sound.
One for the boyzzz
Here's one for the boys... I am sure it will sound like a V12, once powered up. Stink like a powerplant for a midsized suburb too. All this while it consumes 200 gallons of gazoline per hour. Yuck.
Whooopsidaisy! That's more like it... It looks like a Melges 24. I better try that one out and see if it feels like a Melges 24 too. Much more on that. Soon. I hope. Ok, I have one, so I will be back with more. The big white one to the left? It's a VO70 in the works...
And here it is again... The VO70... this time it's been updated with colours and many more details. Very nice. Too big for little me, but it looks pretty much like the real ting, so maybe I should try one of those too.

Feel that boatly hunger? Check the Tradewinds Boat Builders Show and get your satisfaction... Bring your own food, cause there's no icecream booth... tsk tsk...

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