Friday, February 17, 2012

What's inside

A few weeks back I wrote about ISAF rules in virtual sailing. Many people read that. Few people commented. A single individual emailed me about something entirely off topic. This guy wants to know, if we're sailing in dead sceneries with empty houses and deserted islands. In particular he wants to know, what's inside the little chapel.
A real island with a real pier and a house with real stuff inside
Of course there is something inside. Most islands can be visited. Go there by boat or by plane. Many of them are privately owned. People live there, and the houses are often beautifully decorated. Anyway, I decided to go have a look inside. Packed a sandwich, pulled out my Flying Fizz, set sails, and set the  course to Eden...
A really really real island with a chapel
And here we are. I simply had to sit on that bench again. It's truely a secret and magic spot, and the view is absolutely fantastic. Birds singing, ocean waves crashing onto the beach, butterflies looking for honey, and the chapel bells chiming every hour.
The little chapel
So many details. There's even an automagic lawn sprinkler; It started last time I was here. This time it seems to think there's no need for watering. Oh, and the flowers... The flowers are amazing. I'll save those for a separate lingering post. Let's get inside.
Two hours of sailing and then a locked door?
It appears to be locked, but no worries. This is a virtual world. There's gotta be a virtual solution. Squirt a little snakeoil in the lock - et voila - we're inside. 
Inside the chapel
Phew. That's pretty breathtaking. Awesome really. I had to hold my breath for a few seconds and think: "This isn't real, this isn't real". Sure enough it isn't real, but there is definately something inside, and it get's to you. The real you. My heart skipped a beat when I first saw this... Awesome. Just awesome.

In fact there are so many places with flowers, gardens, buildings and architecture in SL, that it would seem an impossible task to cover that on a blog. Oh, and let's not forget the artscene. I'd better stick with sailing


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