Sunday, April 1, 2012

The waiting is over...

Yesterday, Quest Marine finally released a long awaited and absolutely cute and beauuutiful little single seater raceboat.
Testing the prototype
It is of course the lovely 2.4mR in the form and shape of the Norlin Mark III Olympic Class.
More testing
It's adorable, right? And here it is, the release version with the prototype alongside.
I have already done a regular post about it. I also did a seanemagraph with it. However...
JK and me looking things over
It is such a fantastic little boat, I simply need to post more, and I most certainly will.

I might even try and compare it to the real deal, which I posted about here. Till then... I know where I'll be... out there with a new toy...


  1. Very cool. love the look!

    btw, those blake sea sim crossings are very smooth for me. I'm going to try it out with Firestorm viewer this week. I'm a little nervous.

    great blog... very salty !!

  2. Hi Yordi,
    Yeah, the Blake is working great these days. Never really noticed any sim crossing differences among the viewers, so let me know how it goes...


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