Friday, April 6, 2012

Real virtual sailing

Easter is a great time to sail. The calendar is virtually littered with Easter regattas. That goes for the virtual sailing calendar too, and thank you for that. Where I live we still scrape ice off the car every morning.
So, my Easter is about virtual sailing, and I chose to sail the virtual 2.4mR Norlin MK III. Here's a shot from where I left off last time. Not too bad. Not too bad at all.
A quiet morning...
It's probably no surprise I like a quiet morning sail. In fact I like sailing all day and night, but the morning has a special sort of quietness over it. Even the birds are kinda sleepy and moving in slow motion...
Virtual sailing at its best?
Sailing a boat like this makes it even better. Whereas many other virtual boats claim to be realistic, this one virtually is... The feeling is so authentic. Probably because the water is so close. The sailing sensation is absolutely present. 

Variating wind with puffs and shifts is one thing. Add luffing sails and winddrift and some people think that's it. However, more than half the weight of a boat is in water, so let's not forget what happens below the surface... Waves & currents? Both with local variations. 
All three in one package? Wind, waves and currents, - and all with local variations... that kind of realism is unique to those boats which support the WWC windsystem. If you want realistic racing, then WWC is the way to go. Very few boats are able to top this level of realism...
I love this shot. It has so much sailing in it. The boat, the sails, the trim, a tad of seaspray and the intriguing background with so many promises of interesting places to explore.
Looks like I "struck" land here... but oh no... absolutely not... I won't go there. Not today... The North Sea has many lovely islands and coasts to explore, but...
Today I sail the 2.4mR and nothing can make me do otherwise... Get a 2.4mR and feel for yourself what virtual sailing is really about. It is fantastic...


  1. You have captured the essence of a morning sail exquisitely.

  2. Thanx Doc. In shore morning sailing is my favourite, because you get the sea-air, flat quiet water and the birds singing. Ahh...

  3. You were really impressed with this boat. I took out the demo for a spin. It was a blast. I would like to see more boats with the realism of wind, waves, and current. The Shelly, and the Fizz, also do this. THey76 are a blast.

    Thanks for your words.

  4. Jim, you are right. It is a blast. So many things are done right. Still a few details missing, but overall it is very good. Probably only second to those two you mention. Cheers...


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