Friday, April 13, 2012

Bad day in the office

If I was Harbourmaster - or perhaps working in the coastguard, these shots here would represent a really bad day in the office. What do you think? Physical anomaly? Bad attempt at time travel? Teleport error?
Is that one or two boats?
Who cares about the boat(s), but what about the people? It's only a few hundred meters south of the Tradewinds lighthouse, but I wasn't able to do anything. The Tradewinds rescue boat was not operational, stuck in its cradle. Clickety click didn't work.
Upside down isn't just a song
Tried launching sailboat, but that was even more impossible. There was like a powershield around the incident out there. I saw no helicopters either, and to be honest, I was so bewildered by the situation, that I forgot to try my own. I guess I better talk to Harbourmaster Ahab about getting the rescue boat fixed.

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