Friday, August 12, 2011

A sip from reality

This summer I had the opportunity to try a mini12. It's a beautifully (Swedish) designed one seater, built over the R-meter rule. I mentioned it before in a post about the Q-2m. Talking to an inworld friend about these boats, made me put a few pics up here.
Me noodling around in a mini12
We call it a mini12, but it is really an International 2.4 meter; Fully classed and all. Jib, main, but sadly no spin. Well, I've seen one with a spin, but it was unclassed and homemade.
Cockpit view, telltale barely visible in the jib from this angle.
Anyway, they are huge fun to sail. Mine had hand controlled rudder. The other one was steered with the feet using two pedals. So how about it? Maybe We can get Qyv to shrink the 2m, which is actually a little over 7 meters long. Small  boats need smaller courses and fewer sim crossings, right?
I am on starboard but too late...
Incidentally, - what is reality? If there is water on which you can sail, it's real to me. Only difference is these boats come with a pump. Real water makes u wet, makes the boat heel more, and it slows u down. 


  1. Jeez, you have done so much sailing lately (in SL) and I am looking forward to spend more time at it later today. I like that 35 footer. My piece of bread though the mentioned mods are a necessity. But isn´t it the tinkering on boats which is part of the fun?

    By accident I am digging into the 2,4mR for a customer who wants to built a small series. A pity that old friend C Rode (DK) has given his own mould to Poland many years ago.

    Anyway, just a small anecdote about the Mini 12s, the not so nice behaving ones, being built in GER: Regatta. Strong wind. Downwind. Some tried spinnaker and broached badly, taking on water. DK sailor Henrik S. (of Diamond Sails fame) just wrapped the spiler around himself and the cockpit, like the kajakers do. Kept him dry and the boat light and won easily. Those were my heroes.

    Do you really mean Pozo Iqiuero for some wave shredding or just the Island?

  2. I was on a 10 day cruise this summer, but the RL weather has been sooo bad; Today too. In SL the sun is allways shining, so it is nice to go for a little dream-sail.

    Tinkering is definately fun. Especially when u can see the result on a webpage generated by sailwave. RL tinkering is much easier than SL tinkering. In SL it quickly becomes overly geeky. Besides, we don't (yet) have class rules detailing what we may and many not change.

    I love the 2.4m. If I had more money, I'd get me a pair of those. Unfortunately I can't get them with Diamond sails.

    U take me back a few years mentioning Søderlunds sails. I know them from my opti and on many other boats. Think they started out as "Sejlmagerne" - "The Sailmakers". A small handcrafted sailloft. Quite unlike what they've become. Today, I would probably prefer BM Sails for a dinghy.

    Ehm, u kinda lost me on the Pozo stuff??

  3. Ahh... sorry, didn't mean Pozo or the island; Would love to try it, though. For now I am sailing in SL when it's winter.

  4. uuuhps, just lost my comment. And seem to get lost also in the interpretion about SL and RL live happenings. Thus I associated after your comment, that you would take a (RL) trip to Gran C. in winter to share a wave with Britt Dunkerbeck (google) or let some real sun shine on you.

    Yes, BM would be a good choice today, no doubt. A pity that my FD days were over once they had started to conquer the class.

    Not sure that winter sailing in SL would take over my DN activities. Would need someone to really, really convince me.

  5. Lol; Happens to me all the time. The mixup of RL and SL. Would love to go to the real Gran C, though. Way too cold up here to sail during winter.


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