Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The 2.4mR from Qyv

There's nothing like an early morning sail; Most experienced sailors know that. It's the silence of the sea, the sun coming up, the birds starting to sing, the first coffee where you can actually see the coffee and a fresh slice of toast with butter and jam.
There's nothing like an early morning sail.

This time it was different. No toast, hehe. This time I sailed the beautiful 2.4mR from Qyv Inshan. It was a very special experience, because I recently sailed the RL cousin. Mmmhmmm... Virtual sailing is definately worth the trouble, - even if the sea isn't frozen. As is (currently) the case where I live.
Zen and the art of sailing
It's pretty allright, huh! Let's just agree that Qyv has a special talent for choosing pretty boats. Then let's agree that she has a very special talent for bringing these boats to life. Virtual life that is. This is probably one of the nicest looking boats I ever sailed in SL. It's soooo close to the real thing.
That's a pretty hull if ever I saw one.
And it sails well. Very well. It seems the sail-engine in this boat was made for small boats. The usual simplification of having no balancing is perfectly natural in this baby. Why? Because the real thing has none of that. You simply can't hike in a 2.4mR. You might be able to lean your head a little to windward, but it really won't make a difference.
Sun's coming up
So, - do I like it? Oh yes... I am in looove. This is definately my preferred ride. Guys, - it'll take more than sweet talk, a good sixpack and even brains to drag me off this little wonder.
At home
I feel at home right here. Yes, the other boats from Qyv sail well and look great. This here might be the smallest boat in her lineup, but to me it's the greatest. This here is an exception to the size matters rule.
Being there
I can take almost the same pictures as I did in RL. In fact, I can get almost the same views as in RL. Add a hair dryer and sprinkle some water and it's like being there. 
Sure looks like sailing. Sure feels like sailing.
Ahh... isn't that beautiful? I am gonna sail this a lot more. It's like the Q2m only closer to the water and a little slower. Experienced virtual sailors will appreciate the lower speed as it creates less lag. The system has more time to load the world. Also, it seems small boats cross sim borders better. Radio controlled boats might do that even better, but it's not really the same. The 2.4mR will be a favourite of mine for long. I am sure.

I'll be back soon with more details on how she sails.

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