Friday, April 20, 2012

Busy day at Tradewinds

I've mentioned it before. There's never a boring day at Tradewinds. There can be a party, a product launch, a boatbuilder class, a race, an exhibition, a busload of italian turists or something entirely different.
Busy day with boats...
This is just a shot from a busy day with boats and planes all over. There's also a trimaran taking off, an dinghy splashing around. A couple of Motor Loon boats motoring about, and it's my 2.4mR moored in the corner. Motor Loons boat, the one in the foreground, seems to be quite popular.
... and planes
No wonder. It a real pleasure to sail, it has loads of poses, full living quarters, and it looks great under sail. Guys will probably love the engine room. Here's a few sailing shots, testing the prototype. In the shot above, you'll notice there's a plane too. It is simply fun to sit here at Tradewinds and just watch all the action. Kinda like a real marina. Isn't that amazing?

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