Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sailing Haiku

Maybe I had a little too much schnapps at the Easter Lunch today, but this little sailing Haiku kept messing with my mind. Inspired by a poet friend I suppose. Here it is:

The Racer

Seaspray and sunshine
Currents and windshifts in mind
I tack on layline

There... Not much, but I just had to get it out of my head. Right after I typed it, these two popped out of nowhere...

The Racer 2 & 3

Spinnakers on line
Shadows and shifts intertwine
I gybe on layline

Competitors whine
As I cover the front line
The first place is mine

That's it. WWC sailing in a nutshell. No more schnapps for this lil girl. At least not today. How much Haiku it really is, I am not sure. I probably broke a million Haiku rules. And I am not entirely satisfied with the third one. Not easy in a foreign language. Bottoms up and peace out...


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