Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What's this?

For the sail-geeks... here's a shot of me sailing. It's a truly gorgeous sailing day in a very well made replica of a real boat. So SL sailors might have an advantage, but true RL sailgeeks should have a chance too.
A nice day at sea
The questions are:
1) What am I sailing?
2) Where am I?
3) What is the RL name of that structure straight ahead?

... and there is a bonus question for the virtual sailors:

What is my approximate course?


  1. My answers are:
    1. I believe you are sailing a A Trudeau One, but not sure.
    2. You are sailing north in Siracusa just South of the Tradewinds Yacht Club.
    3. The RL name of the TWC lightouse is The Drum Point lighthouse,
    on the Patuxant River in Maryland, USA (not far from my boyhood stomping grounds!)
    for a RL picture see: http://sweetgrassadventures.com/2010/08/10/august-9-touring-solomons-island-in-patuxent-r/

    Let's see what everyone else has to say!

    1. Hehe, you're fast Jim. I'll wait till thursday with the answers.

  2. 1) it's a Trudeau One, a model of a International One Design class boat (IOD)

    2) hm, could be Dex (where else should you be?) LOL

    3) too lazy to look it up now but RJ modeled this structure - like all his builds - after a RL existing building, a lighthouse, probably on the US eastern seaboard

    Now my 2 questions:
    1) where can I collect my brownie points?

    2) the flag looks like USA, where's your Danebrog?

    1. Orcs I am sure I have a virtual cookie or something for ya, provided you are correct that is :-D I never did this before, the quiz-thing. Did think about having some sort of prize. Sadly, I was not able to come up with anything I liked, so if you have suggestions, please share...

      This was right after the day with the physical anomaly, so I was actually testing a load of boats, to see if there would be differences. I therefore used standard boats, and Dannebrog was tucked away in a safe place.

  3. 1) T-1
    2) South of Dex... by the green buoy
    3) No idea
    Bonus: I'd say north.


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