Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Bunny

No, it's not a photo of me dressed up as the Easter Bunny. Sorry, if I disappointed you there; The Xmas post taken in consideration.
Taking an Easter break
It's just me taking an Easter break; Wearing a pink shirt with an Easter Bunny drawing. It is hardly visible.
Wonder if I can swim to Tradewinds YC...
Even less visible are those Virtual Optimists aka Shelly Fizzs in the haze south of the Tradewinds lighthouse. Turns out they were out to race.
Easter Bunny   (Photo: Jim Garner)
Oh, - and here's that Easter Bunny caught at Tradewinds YC. Thanx for the photo Jim.


  1. Thanx JP. That's just what I had minutes after you wrote it. More on that in a separate post. Oh, and you too :-)


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