Thursday, February 2, 2012


These cinemagraphs are all over the net. I thought I'd try it out; Just had to figure out what boat to use. Easy decision. Yesterday, I took my Q2.4mR for a morning sail right off the Tradewinds coast. A real ride. So here's probably the worlds first virtual sailing cinemagraph. Tadah!
Noodling around in the beautiful 2.4mR.
Right now, the 2.4mR is just about my favourite. What do you think? Pretty mesmerizing, huh! Smooth sailing. Just under five knots. Should I do more? The Cotton Blossom or LeetleCat? Or maybe a Laser?

Here's more good stuff from Qyv.

Oh and virtual sailing IS fun, but real sailing is better.


  1. This is very nice, Noodles! Fun :)

    Would like to see more,


  2. Thanx guys. Takes a little work to get it right, so here's take two.


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