Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Dragon shapes up

The Dragon begins to fly. It is very exciting to follow the work with the Dragon. It looks more and more like a real Dragon. Have a look at the previous version, before you see these shots here.
A much improved Dragon
However, looks isn't everything. A sailboat is safe in the marina, but it wasn't meant to be there. Meaning? The Dragon has to sail well too, and preferably in a Dragonlike way. Now, there's a challenge.
Lotsa little details
So far it looks pretty good. That should be pretty obvious from these pictures. There's still a few things to iron out such as the sailing pose. I am actually not holding the tiller. Also, the hull still has a few strange anomalies, but I won't show those here.
The sailors perspective
Here's a view from my perspective when sailing. Note the compass and the console amidst the cockpit. Below you see a look up the mast. Looks pretty good too, though the sails aren't perfect. Yet. I've seen the next version... woohoooo... Can't wait to try that.
Spreaders, diamond, mast
Now, the really interesting stuff is with the sails and the sailing characteristics. Victor, the builder, says he wants a realistic sailing experience, and rumours has it that he is working on something different. Stay tuned.

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