Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rust for the ice cream man

Back in february I posted a few shots of a beautiful, sleek, wooden ten meter, the Ten by Manul. Just the type of boat, many sailors dream of. I hate to admit it, but usually it is the female part of a relationship that goes, where's the walk in closet. After a few years the man can't take it any more, and he swaps the racer for a "Bavarian Beauty". Peace restored. Universe left unbalanced...
A rusty boat
Well, not my cup of tea. My dad used to tell me "It's a SAIL-boat, not a fashion-boat". So even as a teen I left most of my wardrobe at home. Cruised in old jeans and tshirts. Brought one dress just in case we'd hit a beach party. Whole family crammed into a boat with no standing headroom for weeks. Wouldn't do it any other way now...

Anyway, Doc here wasn't really able to handle the beauty of all the virtual boats in mint condition. In fact Doc was so unhappy, he even left a comment about it. So, I promised to find a rusty boat for him. I've seen a rusty Shelly Fizz, the virtual optimist, sailing somewhere. Doesn't really make much sense to build an Optimist out of iron. Then I remembered this... You've probably seen it before...
A iron boat this size makes much more sense, so here it is... just for you Doc. Enjoy the thought of endless and overdue work removing rust, priming and then repainting. It has full living quarters down below. That'll probably need a complete overhaul too. To be fair, this is not a  "B-Boat". They're made of plastic, hehe. Honestly, I sailed the release version yesterday, and this is a truly wonderful cruiser. The first commercial BWind 2, I am told. Very lively and fun to sail. I'd better do a full review sometime...
... and on land
And here it is on land. You can see all that underwater work that needs to be done. Woohooo... It is gonna be a great couple of weekends at the Marina. Full of joy. Noisy tools, poisonous liquids and lukewarm  burgers. Of course, in SL it is just clickety click et voila... all the rust is gone... I feel a poem coming on. Let's call it:

Blues for old boats

Sad old rusty boat
All my time I will devote
Let's give you an antidote

Sad old rusty boat
Clickety click, new primer coat
Once again, you are afloat

I know. The clickety click never happens in RL. Unless you're Larry or sum ding...


  1. There is something to be said about click and the bottom work is done! I am still evading some bottom work that sorely needs doing in RL. Actually I've got several outright holes to patch before I even think about setting the boat in water, unless I want to dredge for it.

    Not only are all the boats in perfect condition, but all the men are tall dark, chiselled hunks to make the women swoon, and all the women are all drop-dead gorgeous, with curvasious breasts and legs that won't quit. And not a soul is over 20! (I wonder how many of these are bitty old women or dirty old men. You'd never know.)

    A few brave souls allow their true age to show, or sail rusted boats! Jeremiah Spotter of the Schiffratten Yacht Club sails a rusty Optimist, er Shelly. He is quite proud of it.

    In truth, a true lady will shine, regardless of wrinkles, cracks, or botom work that needs tending to, and I'd be happy to be seen with her in any port.

  2. It's really amazing. Sailing is so great, that we're willing to spend weekend after weekend on fixing the boat. Rain or shine. Maybe that's why this dreamworld is popular. It never rains, and you can have like 20 clickety-click-perfect boats. Some people role play. Some people just are the person within. Others are not in SL to be someone, but to do something. Date, build, fly, sail... I just don't get why all the guys are dark and tall. Where's the northerners?


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