Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Is it real?

That 2.4mR continues to amaze me. It was just launched, and yet there are already races being held on a regular basis.
Hey look...
No wonder. Not only does it look like a boat from the outside. The details are all in place. Even on the inside.
It's a real boat!
See... Allmost nothing is left out, and there's even a really comfy seat. I am telling you I fit in this boat like hand in glove. Ok, the cupholder - there's no cupholder! Where's the friggin cupholder?
Oh yeah!
But let's not get carried away by the inside details. Let's see the sails. Huh! Sailors out there... just take a look at those sails. They definately look like brand new sails. Perfect shape. Perfect trim too :-)
Camera on the aft deck
I just love sitting here. She pinches very well. I can probably make it round that next corner without tacking. Hand in glove indeed. Let's take this baby out in the open and see what she can do.
... she is definately alive
Ooops... she is a lively lil thing. Better sheet out or I will take in water. Obviously there is a pump, but I'd rather have the water stay out. I hate salty buns. They itch.
Open water
Here we are... Open water ahead. So far the Q2.4mR is almost too good to be true. I feel like pinching  myself to remember it is not the real thing. Be back with more sailing shots and characteristics soon. Thanx to those who made this happen. You know who you are...

More about the 2.4mR here...


  1. Yup, that's a nice boat with good looking sails!

  2. Sure is nice. I think I'm in looove :-D

  3. I love the way that little beauty looks with the wind in the sails. It really does look real.


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