Monday, April 30, 2012

Moored and explored II

There are those who believe that virtual sailing is nothing but a couple of pretty pictures with an ocean of bits inbetween. Not entirely true. The scenery isn't just a flat picture. A month ago I moored at an island south of Tradewinds, and I promised a few more pictures from there.
A beautiful cruising destination
So here's a shot of the place, where I moored, - and here's a link to that mooring post. Next you see me at the top of the stairs. It's definately a nice view. There is land out there to the south west, but you can't see it today.
Upstairs, mooring spot in the back
I am sure the view from the living room of the house is equally nice. Hot bath, - favourite chair, nice cup of yogi-tea, a blanket and a good book. Mmmmhmm. Music? Perhaps some relaxing Buddha-Bar.
Beautiful house by the sea
However, the house is privately owned, so I won't run around and take pictures without being invited to do so. What I can do, is take pictures of the island itself, so this next shot is from the northern end of the island. See the light house? I sat right beside it, - here...
So many light houses
Stare at the picture for a moment. Then close your eyes. Take a deep breath and feel the intense scent of old pines, orange trees and long grass. Got it? Virtual worlds are so much more than just sailing. 
A breathtaking boat picture
However, this is a sailing blog, so this post ends with a beautiful shot of a boat. Look closely and you'll find Beccas Baby Sloop moored at the island. It's such a nice little boat for exploring, and this place here... I totally love it. Oranges, pines and lavendar? Hmm... kinda like a place I know at the Cote d'Azur. Not just a dream world.


  1. What about that lovely vineyard terrace, or the hammock? Go to the south end of the island and visit with the Schiffratten (ship rats) at thier club or take a loveley balloon ride!


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