Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A quiet morning

Ahh... Nothing like a quiet morning before a hectic day. The virtual world is a great way to relax. I may sound a bit silly, but this...
Imagine the sound of waves breaking out there
It is a mood-job... whatever mood you are in, it will make you think good thoughts, calm thoughts, creative thoughts. It will make you breathe slowly and think clearly...
Add seagulls and a few cikadas
Hmm. Not entirely sure I am ready to start working. Seems my head was all quiet and peaceful, soaking up the view and the sounds...
So relaxing
Let's have some more of that, and then off into the real world. Have a truly great day.

Oh, these images are from the north end of that island I moored at. I file stuff like this under views; Perhaps I should have a category called relaxing and soothing views.

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