Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sailing school

Lots of racing going on this weekend; In Sailors Cove we had Fizz Cup round five group one and group two. Meanwhile at the other end of the galaxy... Millions of boats. Virtual sailing ad libitum.
One million and one...
Linteus Dench, the guy that built Roar Ege, had some sort of sailing class going on at Tradewinds Yacht Club. It really looked amazing. I don't think I've seen so many boats at once in SL. Ever.
One million and two...
They are - ofcourse - Becca's BWinds, and they sail well, even if there are many of them. Becca did a wonderfull job there, building a low lag sail-script. Not just a dingy script; It has spinakker, jib and main sails.
One million and three...
Here's Balduin, Liv and myself, watching. Tasha and Becca are probably somewhere out there, yelling pull that sheet or something. The entire area litterally littered with boats. Simply amazing.
One million and four...
All the Sailing school "students" were italians, so I didn't understand a word they said, - except ciao. Italians say that a lot. Turns out Becca is pretty fluent in Italian. Either that or she has a very good translator. Anyways, just wanted to put these pictures up here. Looks like a bunch of fun, right?

Lots more details at the Tradewinds website.

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