Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bwind Launch

The long awaited next version of Beccas sailboat-engine was finally launched this last friday. The BWind 2.0 is much improved in so many ways, that I won't even try and list all the details. Instead, I recommend you get the free Babysloop, and try it out for yourself.
The babysloop with BWind 2.0
Ofcourse Tradewinds YC had put on quite a show for the launch. A huge Blimp in TYC colours floating above us all, live music, intro by Tasha, speech by Becca and then a testsail all the way to Triumphal. Here's a shot of the crowd.
Live performance, speech, blimps
And here's Harbourmaster Ahab and me listening to Becca... I am wearing flats. It's Ahab not being very tall...
After the speech, everybody got a free Babysloop, and then we all set sails and sailed off to TRYC in the lovely weather.
Sail away
Now, I've tested the Babysloop a bit beforehand, so I kinda knew it worked. Sailing from Dex to Triumphal is quite a long trip, but what I heard from the sailors was that it worked great. Low lag, easy sim crossing, fantastic feel. In short, the BWind 2.0 sets a new standard. Thanx Becca and Tradewinds YC for giving us this.

Here's a few shots of me testing the Baby Sloop, and here's a couple of shots of version 1.


  1. sailed it the oter day and have to say, its a joy to be able to sail a boat without needing a hud.actually had time to see the scenery rather than staring at numbers or dials. all it needs maybe is a curved sail and a bit more dimension to the boom

  2. Ronin, you are so right. Natural feedback gives a better experience. BWind is first and foremost a BBK, Boat Building Kit. Surely someone will use the BWind BBK to build boats with curved sails and stuff.


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