Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fizz Cup inport TYC group 1

Seven boats at the line in group 1 of the Fizz Cup 2011 inport races at Tradewinds. EmmanuelMara Resident, Liv Leigh, Miwha Masala, Ox Seetan, Porter Tracy, Sandra Absent and Ziz Kidd.
Miwha ahead of the pack.
Tradewinds had prepared a special soup for todays contestants. Lotsa shifts, local puffs and lulls plus a nasty cross course current. That's all part of a good race, and it really didn't seem to bother Miwha.
Ziz Kidd hunting...
Everybody sailed nicely; Miwha had no problems in taking the first place in heat one and two. There were a few situations, but no protests. However, that was about to change.
Waiting for the gun.
Aggressiveness increased quite alot in the third heat. Not only did we have several rule 11 situations before the gun; As you can see below, everybody wanted the pin.
15 seconds and going into a tight squeeze at the pin.
We also had a few rule 10 situations in the race. First at the top mark was Liv, looking good in her Pink Fizz. Sadly she bumped into Miwha after rounding. Miwha protested, but Liv was unaware. Since we all saw the situation and heard Miwha protest, we had no choice but to DSQ Liv;
Liv and her Pink Fizz ahead.
This might be problematic, as it does not adhere to the rules, specifically rule 61.1. Since it is common in SL to handle the situation as we did, I suppose it is ok in the Fizz Cup. More on this in a separate post. In any case it is hard to DSQ the first boat after such a well sailed race. More DSQs: Porter hit the finish mark and failed to correct, and Ox failed to do a complete 720, so Ziz Kidd wins the third heat.
Just another shot from a start. Note the spectator platform to the right.
All in all it was a great day at the race track. Lotsa action, close race and a pinch of drama in the third heat. Add beautiful weather - as seen right above - and it "virtually" doesn't get much better. Results are on the official FizzCup site here. RL Sailors beware. You probably need to read the NOR and the SI in order to understand the points, but the ranks are also there.

Thanx Silber and Joro for judging and keeping an eye on things. You guys made my first inworld RD-ing a pleasure. Gotta love that Flying Fizz and all the lovely sailing, it brings us.

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