Friday, July 19, 2019

A brand new boat

Yeah that's right... it's a brand new boat. Just sailed it for the first time in this particular version. For-ish I think.
Whoooosh, swish, swooosh
So what is it? It's not Fizz-based. It's not really a BWind engine... As far as I can see it's not a Tako either...  Then what?
In the green
There's bits and pieces from other boats... the keel looks kinda BWind-ish. Also the boom uses the same colour coding originally introduced by the BWind boats. Or was as Balduin Aabye actually the first to use that?
Looking good
If it reminds me of anything from RL it's a classic 80ies design such as the L23 or thereabouts. Perhaps there's a bit of Drabant 24 in there, or maybe it's a cross of the two.
Check that compass
Yeah! I am a sucker for really nice details. Check out that compass. It's so close to the real thing it's almost too much. I am sure I have seen one just like it very recently.
Nice foam and waves too; Still things are missing such as windvane and sheets and more details on the rigging, - not to mention the interior where apparently less is more, - and ehm... nothing is everything. Still, interesting work from a (to me) completely new boatbuilder. Looks very promising.

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  1. Wow thanks Noodle. Yes it is work in progress.


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