Thursday, November 7, 2013

Torpedo boats in Blake

Watch out for those fast moving torpedo boats. I met one in the south east corner of the Blake Sea. There's a distant roar and then a minute later something almost flies past you in a cloud of foam and bubbles, leaving you rocking in a huge wake. Hold on to your hats and beers.
A torpedo boat at warp speed
Luckily this one disappeared just as fast as it emerged. Peace restored faster than you can spell Warp Speed. I wonder if they're out chasing UFOs? They'd probably need help from a Harrier to shoot down one of those. More like a carrier full of Harriers ...


  1. Ok, that 1 i did not see it ,yet, but im glad that some can use such speed and stil cross sims,
    What i did watched when i was sailing yesterday around 3pm slt was Justin, Victor and a few others on Q2 race next to fastnet! Those lil ones fly:)

    1. Yeah, the Q2m is such a pretty lil thing. I hope it will get an update and stay popular. Recently I also saw a QSM40 cruising around the southern islands. That's still a pretty neat boat. However, it also needs updating.


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