Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday evening quiz

It's amazing what people will sail in RL. However, SL is only one step behind. I've sailed rafts, plywood cubes, leaf-boats, pumpkins and paperboats. Check this rather fantastic - ehmmm - vessel:
A new racing class?
The hull doesn't exactly look fast, and the mast is too short, but still it moves like a cat. I wonder what's the expected top speed? It probably won't fit into any known VPPs. Anyone wanna take a wild guess on the top speed?


  1. I think that changing the bull's horns angles could maximize wind effect in sail :-)

    1. Lolz... I think you are absolutely right.

    2. I'm glad that nothing sailed in SL requires motorcycle helmets.

    3. I am glad too, and I think you now why, hehe. However, there is nothing that says you can't wear a helmet in SL, should you develop such strange desires.

  2. Replies
    1. The bow spray indicates a speed of at least five knots, which is pretty impressive. However, I seriously doubt this will ever foil, but then again... this is a virtual world... anything is possible. Almost. Imagine this thing outrunning an AC72! That would be something...

  3. @ Doc: Hey hey, I'm known for being a serious and seriously security concerned girl so of course I found it necessary to wear a (US football) helmut during our TrYC Zpeeed Trialz. I did them mostly on the WW foiling trimaran and on one of SWB's experimental vehicles. These things are wayyy fast and prone to fail at any sim border.

    Better save then sorry! ^^


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