Tuesday, November 19, 2013


So you're in the Fizz Cup? Better be fast. Very fast. Last time I checked around the Fizz Cup sailing area, I saw this:
Weird hairy island!
Now, you probably cannot see what that is. You're probably thinking "ok, so there's a weird hairy island! So what"? New islands popup every day, every where on the grid. Well, look again...
Looking for bananas?
That's a giant gorilla allright; Better not take that yellow Fizz out sailing. This creature might mistake it for a giant banana. Not my idea of smooth sailing.
Big, hairy and sacry
Giant? Mmmhmm. Better believe it's big. That's a person right there on the left; Not an ant. This next shot is another island being inspected by the virtual King Kong.
Check the size of that lighthouse
I wonder if he likes helicopters for lunch. There was one flying around, getting pretty close, but the gorilla seemed to ignore it. Probably it was more interested in those people there. Snacktime maybe. Dunno.
Genakker up
All I know is that if I am out sailing and this creature looks over the hills of a small island it's time to hoist the gennaker and get planing.

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