Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A normal boat II

Here's a little quiz... Guess what the three of us are looking at? Not just water north of Tradewinds. Could it be yet another modern sexy boat, - or could it be a normal boat? Not that the latter category is well represented in the virtual waters of SL...
Boat talk
Impossible to guess, I know. Here's a picture from another angle... We're looking at Ana's 50 footer; Work in progress... A normal boat. A real sailboat.
Spin design
It's normal in the same way as the Bianca 107; Perhaps it's even better than the 107. This one is designed to sail first. Lil bigger and maybe like 10 years older in design. It reminds me of the Oceanic when it comes to level of detail. Fifty feet of normal boat. (Assuming 50 feet is normal). Anyone reckognize it? Could it be a Sparkmann & Stephens inspired thingie?
A normal boat indeed
It does look a little like a Sagitta 35, no? Too big to be Albin Ballad inspired, but the scent of the 70ies is definately there. Any other bids on the RL counterpart? This is definately a trustworthy boat. Rocksolid, well sailing and one you'd be proud to moor anywhere. It's also one of those boats you'd buy cheap, spend a month or two on updating; Then cross the Atlantic. It'll take you almost anywhere. Safely and slowly. In any case, it looks so much like a real boat. Unlike certain modernistic boat. I'll drop no names, but they're built all over Europe, and probably also in the US.
Cabin cruiser or Camper?
So is it a camper? Not entirely. Actually, not at all. This is an ocean cruiser, not a cross between an autocamper and a kite. I am so looking forward to the release. Not because of the sailing in itself; This boat won't plane unless there is a hurrycane. It's because this will enable virtual sailors to go long distance cruising like never before. Virtual bluewater sailing will never be the same again. 

PS: I just realize there's a plane crashing on the little island in the third photo. Must be right before the explosion. Funny.

PPS: At any given time there is at least one Sagitta 35 doing a circum navigation. There is one now. Singlehanded.


  1. Is it really 50 feet? Looks shorter to me. The hull reminds me a bit of the Swan 48, originally classified as a cruiser/racer.

    1. Hey there... first I thought WTF? It doesn't look like the Swan 48 I know from the local race. I looked it up, and it seems you're right. There's an older edition of the Swan 48 designed by - woohoo - Sparkman & Stephens.


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