Monday, May 28, 2012

Classy power?

By sheer accident I sat on the pier, thinking, when this here thingy sailed by. At first I thought - oh well, just another noisy, gazoline burning stinkpotter, but then I looked again...
Classy power boat?
... and it struck me, that powerboats can have so many shapes and forms. Most are ugly, but some can be beautiful. I pinched me to make sure I was awake. Then I thought I had too much sun. Overheated. 
But no.. it moored right before my eyes, and I was still kinda thinking... oh, this is nice. Didn't have much time though, but I managed to take one picture of the interior, and whoa... It definately looks like a live-aboard.
Nice huh!
It has all the basic "life-support-systems" plus more. I mean, - take a look. It is a nice living room, right?  And there's cabins down the stairs at the back. Many cabins. No pics though, cause it suddenly sailed off, and besides... I was needed elsewhere.
Next time I see this boat, I will ask the owner for a guided tour. See it all. Maybe even have a cold beer  on deck to make sure I am not having a fever. The dreaded power boat fever, hehe. 

If you like livcaboards, then you might like the giant cat here, and if you aren't into multihulls, then here's another really nice liveaboard

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