Monday, October 3, 2011


A few weeks back I was at Tradewinds, rigging my Flying Fizz, when something sailed by. That something caught my attention and made me think. Think liveaboard.
Liveaboard at Tradewinds YC.
Living on board is but a dream to most RL sailors. It's expensive to get a boat with the facilities needed for a 24/7/365 operation. Most people will have to sell their house, their summerhouse and the skiing lodge to afford a boat that big, and still it will get you nothing compared to the comfort of a real home. Oh, well the view might be nicer, but claustrophobia moves right in with you. Even on a Swan 65.
Psst, it's moored, so let's go have a look.
In SL it is different. Trudeau has affordable liveaboards, Cigaryachts has too. ReneMarine builds beautiful liveaboards, and Clay Ellison has something in the works as well. These four I mentioned here are so different, they actually deserve a post each.
View from the bridge
So what does this baby have to offer apart from the classic and classy look? Kitchen, bedroom, living room, library, lounging area and more. Oh, and it sails too, so here's the view from the bridge. I have no idea how many of the knobs and handles actually work, but there are lotsa details.This next shot is me in the the belly of the beast. Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom. It's all there.
Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom.
Looking aft from the kitchen through the living room, which is at the center of the boat.
Living room.
Finally, aft we have the library. Smells a bit too much of cigar maybe. Didn't find any brandy in the closets but I am sure it is there somewhere.
Cigar bar?
I guess that's about it. I took a million pictures because there are so many fantastic details, but this will have to do.
Outdoor lounging as well...
Oh, on top of the library and the living room there is a beautiful outdoor lounge area. Here it is. I'd get a few plants in pots to create some ambience. I know. Plants on board are considered bad luck by some people, but hey... we're moored. Besides, rosemary, lavendar and thyme grow quite well in salty air.
I am so ready to move in...
So, - how about it? Could this be home sweet home for you? Works for me, though I must admit, I'd hate to drop the skiing lodge ;-)

PS: I am told the builder is Twohead Janus. Sadly, the story goes he is no longer active in SL.

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