Monday, May 9, 2011

Feeling Mothy

Not entirely sure how, but something made me feel mothy this weekend. Had mothy dreams too. Perhaps it was a combination of lots of sun, cooled redwine and a panoramic view of the North Sea, - or was it the fact that there was a Moth race within a few hours of driving range?
However, I wasn't on the water; I was in a bikini; First time this year; It was so unbelievably hot, the bikini wanted to go swimming. So somehow I ended up in the North Sea. Brrr. Barely above 10 degrees. Very short swim. The picture..? I cannot take pictures of my dreams, - or can I? This one is close. I am gonna get me one of these boats, because I wanna be able to do this. Takes a little saving, probably a little practicing too, but I am gonna get one. Wonder if it comes in pink. Is Pink Noodle a good name for a Moth


  1. Pink Noodle is a good one.... ha ha
    Have a look at some great fotos from last weekends Moth regatta via my blog. And on Monday the girls were practicing together, one on her M2 Fidibus and the other one on my M2 (now hers) Goldfisch. It has a bit of orange and I am not sure if pink and orange would go together nicely...

    Start practicing soon, either at the or maybe in Horsens. But stay anonymus, until you paint it pink.

  2. Need to save a bit first...


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