Monday, May 23, 2011

11 boats at the line

I gotta show you this, while it is fresh. Previously I wrote about the Q 2m from Quest Marine. It is an absolute delight to sail that boat. Swift, pretty and easily handled but still challenging enough to be fun.
A pretty picture of a pretty boat
Realistic polars, very nice dynamics, great sounds, and you can bring a friend too. It really doesn't get much better :-) Luckily it seems I am not the only one who likes the Q 2m. It is really catching on as a racing boat.
A few days ago I came across this amazing video of some pretty realistic racing. It's filmed by Hawk, the dude you see in the clip. I think it is from somewhere in Blake, but I am not entirely sure. Anyway, check it out, - and check that port start. Skewed wind allright, and perhaps also currents? Dunno...
 Liv and I testing the Q 2m south of Blake.
Regretfully I wasn't there, but I sure will look for graded Q 2m events in the future. Graded? Yes, we have regular graded races, and the ranking can be seen on


  1. SL yachting may be for me: no sail numbers required! Apparently.

  2. I'd better answer that one. SL sailing is far from perfect. However, the sailing pants are always 110% water proof, whereas my RL Henri Lloyds never last more than two seasons. We do ofcourse have IDs on the boats. It is done automatically by on board "electronics". The starting line and the finish line automatically register whenever you cross. Kinda like having a gps transmitter on each boat board for live display. Some boats display a number floating atop of the mast. Looks weird to me. It is possible to put IDs on the sail, and I'd really like that, - but it is rather technical;


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