Saturday, February 19, 2011

2m Class goes virtual, take two

In take one I had pictures of the prototype. Now I have pictures of the real thing. Say hello to the final virtual 2m sailboat, the Q-2m. It  is is small, it is beautiful, and it sails like a dream. Have a look at the real deal: class2m. As always, Qyv has done a really great job replicating a real boat, so the virtual Q 2m is very pretty. Here I am, flapping sails, while I wait for Liv to arrive. Have a look:
Not only do they look flappy, - they sound flappy too.
Beautifully sculpted hull, beautifully shaped sails, lovely sounds and a modified BWind sail system. It sure looks like a real sailboat. Waves, wind, current, drift - yes drift, flapping sails... it sure feels like a real sailboat too. Oh, and you can wing the jib, if you need more speed downwind.
Take off
In fact this baby gives me the same kind of sailing rush as the 2.4mR boat. The 2.4mR is even smaller, though. Check it out via this link: 24metre Yes, it is real. The sensation of speed is intense in small boats, because the water is so close.
Virtual sailing at it's best
Coming back from the 2.4mR link, the Q 2m looks huge, and it is. In fact it's a two seater. Made for daysayling. Here we are roaring past a beautiful coconut island. Desserted it seems, but some are inhabited. I guess here's a Norwegian escaping from the Norse cold and rainy winter.
Shallow Norwegian waters
We went on sailing for half an hour in this area with no problems what so ever. The sim crossings we hardly ever noticed. It seems small boats sail better in SL. They appear to cross sim borders easier. So this boat is ideal for racing. If I close my eyes, I can easily imagine a fleet of 10 2m-ers starting right off the coast of Dex.
Yeah! More weeeee...
This boat will make you go Weeee again and again. It is pretty, and if you look at the picture above, you can almost feel it in your stomach; The sensation when a boat has the power to plane. Weeee! I wonder if I can pimp the 2m... I wouldn't wanna sail a black boat.
Picture this in PINK
Pink is more my style. Royal blue with three white stripes would be nice too. Is there a cupholder? Can I add a compass. I'd better get inworld and write a note to Qyv. I think I will start by writing: Weeee, - I like!!! This is definately one of those boats you just gotta have. It's a blast...

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