Tuesday, March 27, 2018

MOB in the middle of nowhere

Currently it seems Team Scallywag (Volvo Ocean Race) has a man overboard in the middle of nowhere while winds reach 35 knots. Not a very nice situation. To sum it up: There's 2200 miles to shore, winds of 35 knots, approximately one ship in the neighbourhood. Let's then add huge waves and a water temperature of just 9 degrees C. Not for sissies.
It's not always like this out there...
The thing is, once they realize someone is missing it will take some time to get sails down and come about. When the boatspeed is 21 knots, you'll be long gone before the boat has even stopped to look for ya. The waves effectively prevent visual contact. Chances are slim at best. Sending all my hopes to John Fisher and the crew out there...

UPDATE: John Fisher considered lost at sea. It's a sad day for sailing. Thoughts and prayers to John Fishers family and friends. Fair winds on the other side...

Check www.volvooceanrace.com for details.

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