Monday, August 18, 2014

Size matters II

So it's been scaled a bit. The new Moth. I really like that. Here's a picture of a little Moth-talk. Not sure a kilt is the best outfit for Moth-sailing but hey... not my problem.
It looks pretty good on water too. Err, well not the kilt. The Moth. Plus I fit nicely on the trampoline - feeling I am just the right size, whereas my new Scottish friend felt the boat was now too small for him, teehee.
See... size is important
Strange problem in a virtual world. Click a few buttons and your own personal self has a suitable size. Or better yet: I have shoes that resize on my command! Why not have resizable boats and end the size debate once and for all??
I decided to check it out for real, so here's me taking off from Tradewinds Yacht Club. Still not sure what to think about that experiMental wing-thing, but at least it won't break no matter how I crash. There is one interesting thing about it though: I wonder how much extra speed it would give me compared to a standard sail. Hmm.
Speedy Gonzales 
Speedy it is. It's probably so dangerous we ought to wear helmets like those sissies in the Americas Cup. Duh. Maybe not. We can only fall into the water here. Soft water full of itsu bitsy bits. It probably won't hurt much, and the hull probably won't break into sharp edges either. 
Head on / chicken
So, if the speed is 43 knots, then a head to head crash would be like hitting full stop from 86knots or so? Maybe those helmets are a good idea after all, teehee. You need to react pretty fast here. Sometimes you only have very few seconds from first visual to impact. 
Better get back to safety. It's a fun boat. It's right sized, still too fast, and still too easy, but there's supposed to be an expert mode. I'd better try that, so stay tuned. And the subject? Well, here's Size Matters I. And here's that other Moth for reference.

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